Property Division – Equitable Distribution

全国各地经验丰富的家庭法和皇冠足彩律师处理的最重要的问题之一, and especially in the Piedmont Triad, is the division of property (also known as equitable distribution).

Following a lengthy marriage, 很可能双方已经积累了大量的婚姻财产, such as bank accounts, investment accounts, furnishings, cars, and property. 这些是皇冠足彩后双方必须分割的物品.

In a divorce case, North Carolina presumes equitable distribution. That means that all marital property, both debts and assets, are divided equally between both parties. The default rule, essentially, splits everything in half, 50/50. 这种情况至少可以通过两种方式改变:(1)如果双方在结婚前签署了婚前协议(这样的协议允许双方明确他们在皇冠足彩后希望如何分配财产).(2)法院要考虑的不平等分割有14个因素.

If the parties do not have a premarital agreement in place, as is often the case, their property will need to be divided, either as decided by agreement, in mediation, or by court order. 财产分割的一个重要部分包括必需的夫妻财产清单宣誓书. These are known as ED Affidavits. If there is a claim for equitable distribution, the parties will each have to fill out one of these affidavits. 这些宣誓书上的资料很广泛,每一项都是在分离之日计算的价值. It is important to fill out these affidavits accurately and completely, with the help of your attorney, to make sure that the property, including both assets and debts, is divided equally.

这些物业管理署誓章有助双方就誓章所列物品的价值达成协议. 这就是为什么有文件显示项目在分离之日的价值是很重要的. 当你提供分手时的结算单时,另一方很难就银行账户的价值进行争论. Negotiations between the two parties, with the assistance of their attorneys, can lead to compromises that allow for the distribution of the property.

财产部门的另一个重要方面是养老金和退休账户. Marital property includes anything that is placed in such accounts, for example 401(k) s, during the marriage. Therefore, 如果配偶一方在20年的婚姻生活中向他或她的401(k)计划缴费, the other spouse is entitled to half of that money presumptively.

法院签署的合格家庭关系令(QDRO)允许第二配偶直接从退休计划管理人那里获得资金, once the other spouse becomes eligible to receive payments. 这简化了程序,并确保第二配偶获得他们有权获得的款项. 重要的是要有律师的协助,以确保QDRO的条款是公平的,QDRO本身是一个有效和有约束力的文件.

欲进一步了解上述物业分类范畴下的任何范畴, select the appropriate link below.

Spousal Support

在北卡罗莱纳州的家庭法和皇冠足彩案件中,经常出现的一个常见问题是配偶支持问题. As you can probably tell given its name, 配偶抚养费是指分居或皇冠足彩后一方付给另一方的抚养费.

For example, with hypothetical names, Mike Thompson and Sharon Thompson of Greensboro, North Carolina have decided to file for a divorce. 莎伦搬出婚姻住所是为了合法地与他分居,以便提出皇冠足彩. 然而,莎伦是家里的经济支柱,挣的钱比迈克多得多. If the court determines that Mike was dependent on Sharon, 他可能有权从莎伦那里得到赡养费或皇冠足彩后的赡养费.

As shown in the hypothetical example, 配偶赡养费只有在夫妻双方存在依赖关系时才由法院判给. This means that one spouse is the dependent spouse, and the other spouse is known as the supporting spouse. 受供养配偶是指依赖另一方赡养的一方. 赡养配偶是指一直为另一方提供支持的一方.

配偶赡养费是一个笼统的术语,可以分为两类:赡养费和分居后赡养费. 赡养费和分居后赡养费的主要区别在于时间框架. 赡养费更多的是一种长期或康复形式的配偶支持. Alimony can only be awarded once either party has filed for divorce.


有一些技术要求,以确保你的索赔赡养费或分居后的支持是可行的,可以由法院审理. 你要求赡养费或分居后赡养费的案件必须在法院下达绝对皇冠足彩命令之前审理. If you do not have a pending case before the absolute divorce is granted, you lose the claim for both alimony and post separation support. 如果你需要配偶的支持,在申请皇冠足彩前请咨询家庭律师. THIS IS CRITICAL!!!!!!!!!!!

这个关于时间的技术要求就是为什么在整个过程中有一个经验丰富的家庭法和皇冠足彩律师在你身边是很重要的. There are rules that must be followed, or you can lose your right to have certain claims, such as those for alimony or post separation support, heard by the court. 有一个经验丰富的律师可以确保你不会因为技术问题而危及你的权利.

For further, 关于赡养费和皇冠足彩后支持的更具体和详细的信息, select the link provided below for either type of spousal support. 如果你想申请赡养费或皇冠足彩后的赡养费, along with many other legal family issues, 皇冠足彩的办公室,与经验丰富的家庭法和皇冠足彩律师见面.

Client Reviews
I came to the firm to get a divorce and divide the marital estate. During the course of our time working together, 让我印象最深刻的是卡罗琳·伍德拉夫从她记忆中的文件柜里拿出的东西, regarding detailed aspects of my case. 在我非常关心我的健康的时候,卡洛琳也是我的避风港. When I think of Carolyn, I would say she is intelligent, quick on her feet, a quick thinker, and very friendly and warm in times of stress and duress. She has a calming effect about her. Overall, the Woodruff Family Law Group is efficient. The staff members have all become family. They offer a family environment. I have felt I could call on anyone day or night. Communication lines are always open. With the length of time my case has taken, it would have been easy to slip to the back of the firm’s caseload. That doesn’t happen at Woodruff. D.J.